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MosesACS is an opensource ACS server supporting Amendment 5.

On top of the opensource core the Moonar team is available to support your business for cwmp testing or production deployment of a remote control solution. Hire us !


Pick the right binary for your architecture from the download page here. The installation is easy, just decompress and run the binary, no dependencies, no extra packages need to be installed.

Running the daemon

You can run the daemon with the following command:

$ mosesacs -d

Using the CLI


Moses comes with a single binary which acts either as the daemon (when launched with -d switch) or the client when launched with -u parameter.

Once you connect to a remote daemon instance you get a CLI with the following prompt:


which states that you are connected to localhost:9292 and you are in the context /.

Using Ruby SDK for batch processing

Install the SDK for ruby (latest Debian or Ubuntu machines):

$ apt-get install ruby ruby-nokogiri ruby-eventmachine ruby-websocket-driver
$ gem install mosesacs-sdk

Try running the following ruby script to perform a ChangeDUState command with multiple operations in it:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'mosesacs-sdk'

serial = 'A54FD'

conn = 'localhost', '9292'
conn.ChangeDuState(serial, [
    { "type" => "update", "url" => "http://url/path", "uuid" => "AAA", "username" => "user", "password" => "pass", "version" => "0.0.2" },
    { "type" => "install", "url" => "http://url/path2", "uuid" => "BBB", "username" => "user", "password" => "pass", "environment" => "env" },
    { "type" => "install", "url" => "http://url/path3", "uuid" => "", "username" => "user", "password" => "pass", "environment" => "env" },
    { "type" => "uninstall", "version" => "0.0.1", "uuid" => "VVV", "environment" => "env" }